How To Become A Pro-Level Shooter With Perfect Form and Maximum Range + Accuracy

We've spent years and thousands of hours analyzing the shooting forms of the best shooters in the world. Today, we have the keys to pro level shooting mechanics. Want to learn everything we know to master your shooting form

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In this step-by-step training series, you will learn:

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    How to use a simple 'Accuracy Test' to pinpoint exactly what's causing most of your misses... so you can fix your problem areas to become a scoring threat in every game.
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    How elite level shooters like Kevin Durant become so good and how you can use their method to take your shot to the pro level.
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    A simple technique to create more power to maximize the force and momentum from your body... to get a smooth and effortless shot from anywhere on the court.
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    And so much more!

Thanks so much for the great videos. It's awesome that you are showing us new mechanics to make our jumpshot better instead of repeating the same ones, like a lot of basketball channels do now days.

- Trevor G.

Personally, I learned a lot from you already by watching your breakdowns of Steph and Klay, but I did pick up new things in this series and I can see how a three step video series addressed to any shooter could be a better teaching tool than a player-specific breakdown. But dude, you're killing it. As long as you're making videos, I'll be watching.

- Ryan K.

Amazing videos. Kept it simple and pointed out the most important keys to become a high level shooter. Also props for the pdf datas. 

- Florian W.

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