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how to get the perfect jumpshot

How To Get A Perfect Jumpshot: The First Most Important Mechanic

A lot of my players come up to me wanting to know how to get the perfect jumpshot...

When they ask me this, I know what they're REALLY asking for are the moves, the drills, the "quick fixes". They want me to show them how to get to their shot to look like Steph Curry's (or their fav player's) shot...

And when I tell them they're not ready for that yet, they get disappointed and unmotivated. 

That's when I give them their first training; the FIRST mechanic that must be mastered, if they're ever going to achieve the perfect jumpshot...

That first mechanic is what we'll cover in this post.

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improve shoot performance during games

How To Improve Your Shooting Performance During Games

"I'm a good shooter in practice but I can't shoot just as good during games. How do I improve my shooting during games?"

This is a question I get from almost every player I coach. It's a part of every shooter's journey to struggle with transitioning their shooting abilities from practice to games...

Just like with shooting in practice, there's a process to mastery of shooting effectively in games and that's what I want to talk about here...

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Should you train your jumpshot alone

Should You Practice Your Jumpshot With A Rebounder Or Shooting Partner?

It's Saturday afternoon and you're pumped to go to the gym and work on your jumpshot...

You get to the gym. You're alone and getting every rebound, expending a lot of energy. With every rebound you get frustrated and think it would be so much easier and efficient if you just had someone to get your rebounds for you...

A lot of my players deal with this frustration. I did too...

When I started working on my shot, I would go to my local rec centre early in the morning and find an empty rim to start practicing. Everyday, without fail, someone would come into the gym without a ball and ask me if I wanted a rebounder (so that in turn, I would rebound for them).

Eventually I started always saying no. Here's why...

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Shooting form - how your shoot looks

How Should A Perfect Shooting Form Look?

Do you want a jumpshot that looks good? Do you wonder why your shooting form doesn't look like your favorite player's shooting form?

A lot of my players have asked me about this. Some have wondered if it should even matter what their shot looks like...

In this article, I want to shed some light on this very topic. 

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Lonzo Ball’s Shooting Form: The TRUTH About His Unconventional Shot

Ever since the media caught a glimpse of Lonzo’s shot, a lot of people have been asking me why his shot looks different than most other right handed shooters…

So I decided to create a new YouTube breakdown video where I cover exactly why he shoots the way he does.
I also explain how you can use that information to improve your own shot.

The information in this video also strengthens the case for you to find your own form.

Every shooter is completely different and so you have to tailor your shot to your own personal makeup.
You can watch the full video or read below.

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Stephen Curry Shooting Form: How To Shoot Like Steph Curry

If you've ever wanted to know how to shoot like Steph Curry, you're about to find out. In this post, we did an in depth analysis of Steph Curry’s shooting form...

This isn’t necessarily what you must do, but our goal is just to show you exactly what one of the best shooters in the world does when he shoots...

And most importantly towards the end of this post, we'll discuss how you can develop shooting mechanics that can make you just as consistent, accurate, and deadly on the court. 

(Hint: it's not from trying to copy your favorite player's form...)

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Klay Thompson Shooting Form: How To Shoot Like Klay Thompson

Have you ever wanted to know how to shoot like Klay Thompson? In this post, we did an in-depth analysis of Klay Thompson's shooting form.

We broke down every step of his jump shot in order to teach you why he is such an efficient shooter and the little things you can take from his game to improve your own shot. 

Coming from someone who has analyzed thousands of shooting forms, Klay’s shooting mechanics are as close to flawless as it gets.

In this post, you'll learn why...

Plus how you can develop your own perfect shooting form.

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science-of-balance in basketball

Improve Your Shooting Form: The Science of Balance

Warning! This article has scientific terminology that you probably don’t care about unless you’re a bit of a nerd like I am, but I promise it will all make sense, especially once you watch the video demonstration at the end.

When many people think about balance, they often think about being on balance before the shot and overlook the importance of balance and stability once in the air.

There are 2 major ways to maintain balance while in the air:

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NBA Shooting Habit That Increases Range: Is It Dangerous? (Ft. Elliot Hulse)

A major question that a lot of people have is why good shooters and great shooters bring their knees inward when they shoot a basketball.

In this video post, you’ll learn why this is such a common question.

You’ll also hear strength expert Elliot Hulse, address this phenomenon, as well as talk about leverage and power generation and how it could potentially help you become a better shooter.

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Kobe Bryant Shooting Form: How To Shoot Like Kobe Bryant

If you've ever wanted to learn how to shoot like Kobe Bryant, I made this Kobe Bryant shooting form breakdown for you.  

Kobe Bryant's genius when it comes to shooting is something every player should spend time absorbing and understanding.

Plus, I heard all your comments on which player's shooting form breakdown you'd like to see...

Which is why in our newest video post, we did an in depth analysis of Kobe Bryant's shooting form.

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