How To Get A Perfect Jumpshot: The First Most Important Mechanic
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how to get the perfect jumpshot

How To Get A Perfect Jumpshot: The First Most Important Mechanic

A lot of my players come up to me wanting to know how to get the perfect jumpshot...

When they ask me this, I know what they're REALLY asking for are the moves, the drills, the "quick fixes". They want me to show them how to get to their shot to look like Steph Curry's (or their fav player's) shot...

And when I tell them they're not ready for that yet, they get disappointed and unmotivated. 

That's when I give them their first training; the FIRST mechanic that must be mastered, if they're ever going to achieve the perfect jumpshot...

That first mechanic is what we'll cover in this post.


The First Mechanic To Master For A Perfect Jumpshot

Whether you're a coach teaching someone else how to shoot or you're a player learning how to shoot yourself, the most important way for a shooter to reach their potential and achieve their perfect jumpshot is to develop the mindset that technique matters.

Before fixing a specific shooting mechanic like timing, posture, or release, the mindset that technique matters is what will truly set you apart from everyone else.

Many shooters practice everyday without thinking about improving their technique. They will shoot the ball over and over until it starts to go in more often. And of course, with practice, they will improve.

Once the ball starts to go in more often, it is normal to think that they are on the right track and that the process should be repeated. BUT this improvement is often a TRAP that can lead to some long term issues if shooters aren’t aware that they are developing bad habits.

Let me use an extreme example to illustrate this point...

If I practiced shooting the ball underhand every day, I would improve over time. But just because I am improving, does not mean I am training my shot effectively.

Our job as shooters is not only to improve, but to improve with purpose. Shooting underhand, even though I may have gotten better at it, is not going to help me become an elite shooter in games.

NBA shooters focus on and practice purposeful improvement.

How To Practice Purposeful Improvement For Long Term Success As A Shooter

Like pro shooters, we need to train our shot in a way that will transfer into games and give us range, speed, accuracy and consistency. We can’t be satisfied that we are getting better now, without knowing if we are training the right habits that will put the odds in our favour. 

One example of this trap that I see very often in the shooters I train who are just starting out, is that they hang in the air before shooting and release the ball on the way down. They may find success from close range, but once they get to the 3-point line, they struggle to reach the basket and their accuracy suffers.

That’s why it’s important that every shooter understands (especially shooters from a young age), that just because the ball goes in right now, from this distance, in this situation, does not mean that they are building the right habits that will lead to long term success as a prolific shooter. 

They must understand that there are best practices when it comes to shooting form that will put the odds in their favour and help them find long term success.

When you study the best shooters in the world, it becomes very clear what those best practices are. I've spent years analyzing pro shooters and today I teach those exact same shooting principles in a step-by-step online training program. 

One of the Most Effective Mindsets For Developing The Perfect Jumpshot

One of the most effective mindsets is knowing that there are good misses and there are bad makes. One way to reinforce this mindset is to implement a point system based on good misses and bad makes.

For example: 

If you are practicing (or teaching) efficient shot timing, you can use a drill where the goal is to reach 20 points from a spot before moving to another spot. For each shot, you would receive: 

Efficient Shot Timing Drill

  • 2 points for a good make (MADE shot with CORRECT timing)
  • 1 point for a good miss (MISSED shot with CORRECT timing)
  • 0 for a bad make (MADE shot with INCORRECT timing)
  • -1 for a bad miss (MISSED shot with INCORRECT timing)

Goal: Reach 20 points from each spot

The shooter should keep their own score and say it out loud so the shooter (and the coach if there is one) can confirm that score is being kept correctly.

In order for you to know how many points you should get, you will be forced to constantly focus on HOW you are shooting. You will start to get a sense of what it feels like when you do it right and how it feels when you do it wrong.

This will greatly improve your body awareness and allow you to correct yourself when necessary. This point system and mindset can be used for every technique that you need to work on.

Once you develop this mindset - that technique matters - it should make the process of learning the techniques themselves much, much easier.

Your Next Steps To Become a 90% 3-Point Shooter

With that mindset, your next step to become a deadly shooter is to use the SAME techniques that all the best shooters in the NBA have consciously or unconsciously used to train their unstoppable jumpshots.

There's no use knowing that technique matters, if the techniques you use aren't the best, most reliable techniques. If they're anything less than that, then you're still wasting time learning a broken form that will get harder to change the more you practice it. 

The best shooting techniques are those that are backed by science, physics, and biomechanics (the study of movement).  Those that are backed by real world results, those that you can see show up over and over again when you analyze elite NBA shooters. 

I've studied the science, I've analyzed the form of hundreds of shooters, and I've seen real improvements from the players I've coached. The right techniques matter and after buying and going through almost every online training out there, I have never seen those correct techniques taught anywhere, until I created this step-by-step jumpshot training program.

Inside that program, you'll get over 50 videos on how to develop YOUR perfect shooting form using correct science-backed techniques. You'll learn how to refine every aspect of your unique jumpshot, for your unique style, body type, height, age, and more.

If you've been feeling frustrated with your shot, or have a player that you're coaching who is constantly feeling upset at his or her shooting performance, then this is for you

The worst feeling is remaining mediocre when you know you have the potential to be great...

I know you have the potential. I know you're capable of developing the perfect jumpshot that will leave people around you in awe of how well you shoot...

This is how we'll bring that perfect jumpshot out of you.

Coach Faizal