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How To Improve Your Shooting Form: The Guide Hand

Our latest video post is all about the off hand (the guide hand).

The purpose of the off hand is to establish control of the ball and support it until its ready to be released.

Now, there are several different variations of off hand positions but the most common positions seen among great shooters and the one that I would recommend, is covered in this video...

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Shooting Myth Debunked: Ball ON or OFF the Palm?

In this video, we challenge one of the most common and widely held beliefs when it comes to shooting a basketball.

And that belief is this...

In order to be a good and accurate shooter, the ball should only rest on your finger pads and finger tips and that it must stay completely off of your palm.

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NBA Mind Games: A Simple Trick To Create Space Off The Dribble

In our newest video post, instead of talking specifically about shooting form, we want to show you a really simple but extremely effective way that you can create a shot for yourself or for a teammate.

When most people watch these highlights, the first thing they notice is the incredible crossovers. Now, the crossovers are really impressive, but if you look closely, there is much more to it than that...

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